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FENG-SHUI, pronounced as "feng shway", are Chinese words for Wind and Water. In the same way that water and wind have to flow, so have the fluidic energies that influence our lives. In Feng-Shui we are guided to create positive, healthy and creative environments that will attract more abundance of all good things in live.

As we have to take care of our bodies, becoming aware of our surroundings could helps bring more abundance into our lives. The place we live in, our office space, our car, are places where we spend most of our time. Because of this, how energy flows within these space is directly in proportion to how energy flows in all areas of our lives. Your house and office space are like a second skin, a bigger body that surrounds you. If you put a piece of white fabric within a container of red stain, the white piece of fabric will become red. Feng-Shui is about clearing that major container where you live and move and creating a positive and uplifting environment.

As a guest that comes to our house and likes or dislikes the place, so does energy as it flows in your space. As you walk around your house, how do you feel? Energy will feel like you. What do you like? Energy will tend to stay around that area. Is there clutter? Energy will get stagnated, making you feel stagnated in life. Are they any objects that may suggest death, lack of life? Do you have many broken, unused or old items? Do you feel there are obstacles in certain areas of your life? Do you feel your life is like climbing an escalator going down?

The energy coming from different directions affect you in different ways, the position of certain elements in your surrounding may have an impact in your life. Just as the quality of air is important for us, the quality of the energy in our surroundings will affect us in positive or negative ways.

As an example, I was recently in the apartment of someone that complains not having a stable relationship. She doesn't seem to be available to keep a partner for a long time or to attract one that will honor her in the proper way and decide to start a live together with her. When we visited her apartment I noticed that she displays pictures of only girlfriends, artwork of social events where ladies are alone and the only man seem to be interested only in the social aspect. The only romantic artwork she has is placed on top of the toilet, following traditional feng-shui, her relationship are is in the toilet and closet... and so forth.

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