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A partnership between you and your coach is a thought-provoking and creative process aimed to inspire and motivate you to not only define your goals but to take the necessary steps to achieve them while maximizing your potential.

Coaching provides you with a place for reflection, discussion, and strategy development, offering you different options and possible points of view allowing you to ultimately be the one setting the aim, creating the action plan and taking the necessary steps to achieve it.

As your coach, Alejandra, inquires, listen, suggests, present objective views, and uses and alchemy between coaching and healing tools, as well as her unique sensitivity and in-depth experience to help you to tap into your own wisdom, develop your own strategies to achieve both, personal and professional goals, and creating an accountability system designed to keep you on track�while also providing you with friendly support, powerful tools and a safe place for you to create expansion, develop inner power, and trigger a vital and success life.

Alejandra's unique sensitivity and alchemized way of coaching delivers you the highest and most sensitive coaching quality you'll find. Alejandra alchemizes coaching with higher sensitivity, acute awareness, spiritual principles, and powerful modern energy healing tools�resulting in an unique system that not only targets and helps remove the roots of the problems and energies that hinder you, but also promotes the transformation of core issues. Allowing you to progress more successfully.

The road is yours!

Important Note on Coaching
Coaching focuses effecting change in a client's current and future behaviour. Coaching does not involve diagnosing mental/emotional illness or dysfunction. Your coach is not a therapist nor a counselor. Alejandra Armas is a registered Minister. This allows her to offer Spiritual counsel when necessary.

Coaching and Mentoring
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