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Why Discipline?
Achieving great results in any area of your life requires incredible focus, commitment, and discipline. A professional athlete understands this concept quite well: without the commitment to become better at what he/she does, without the discipline to keep themselves in shape and improve their skills, they are set up for failure.

Just like a diamond that undergoes steady pressure to become an unique piece, so must you be committed and disciplined to become an unique leader. There�s no other way to succeed in any endeavor. Just as is worthless to train only once a week (obviously better than nothing but not enough) � or as worthless to brush our teeth once a week�likewise a diligent effort to achieve your goals is necessary.

And the effort needed is not only physical, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual. As a matter of fact, your continuous practice helps shape your mind and tones it up to help you overcome difficulties in tough times. It is with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual discipline that one can develop readiness for action, inner strength, and the ability to continue moving forward even in front of the worse challenges.

Balancing Discipline Vs. Flexibility:
However, we are also talking about a balanced discipline in which there�s room for flexibility. An inflexible discipline will at some point brake down. Just as truth is dynamic, so is life and so are your goals; flexibility can help you adapt your Mision, your Vision and your Goals as your life changes. In this way, while you practice discipline, you are also practicing a powerful skill: flexibility.

Flexibility is related to the water element. In the process of succeeding and advancing in life, one should act like water. Going around obstacles instead of going against them, able to change and to adapt to any turn of events and any given and sudden environment, fully benefiting from it.

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Discipline and Flexibility

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