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Alejandra Armas

Alejandra Armas is a Personal Coach & Mentor, a proficient Energy Therapist with a great synergy of knowledge and acute sensitivity. She�s also an International Speaker and published writer, a Seminar Leader, and Charity oriented Fundraiser

Alejandra coaches utilizing Ancient principles and Laws, as well as energy healing tools to promote well being, inner peace and joy; as well as to manage stress, achieve goals, promote positive and enthusiastic team work. She has mentored and worked with Celebrities, top CEOs, important International political figures and very successful organizations, both in United States and Latin America. Her goal is to encourage you to live a successful, happier and more fulfilling life, and support you on your journey towards experiencing Success and wellness.

Alejandra combines her coaching, mentoring and Neurolinguistic practices with GMCKS� Character Building and energy work during her coaching/mentoring sessions encouraging her clients to become their own coach, set and achieve their goals and find a new wisdom. Because of this rare synergy, her clients find rapid development and achievement of their goals.

As an Energy Therapist, Alejandra uses the science and art of energy to promote physical, emotional and mental health. She�s practiced the healing arts for over 16 years, specializing in Pranic Healing for about 14 of them�Currently she holds �Certified Senior Pranic Healer� certification since 1998 and is a Senior Instructor having taught thousands of Pranic healers from all walks and is responsible for training new certified Pranic healing instructors. She�s also responsible for founding Pranic Healing Centers and Foundation in Venezuela, The Caribbean and United States. Alejandra is a direct student and disciple of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and finds her inspiration in his teachings.

Whether you are an individual or an organization, it is Alejandra's goal to encourage and support you in your journey through daily life and towards the fulfillment of your most desired goals.

Alejandra was born and raised in Venezuela with an university degree in computers and software development. Based in Los Angeles, CA. Alejandra is currently married and is mother of a beautiful baby girl.

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