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We live in a world that has become too fast, too busy and to crowded. Technology has evolved so much so to help us, but at the same time it keeps us on our toes and with more time to do more, with more tools, we often find ourselves with no time to rest, recharge, regenerate, revitalize, and rejuvenate. These were supposed to be innate abilities of your body. However, our body and our inner world are being challenged and might have acquired a modern and pretty common and unavoidable sickness: Stress.

Stress has become part of our lives, so much so that most people don't even realize that they are experiencing stress at different levels. People have become "slaves" to our modern and fast world, to a goal oriented existence; stretching time in ways that it seems impossible to find stillness in their lives and, most importantly, within. Even when people claim not to be doing anything, they are "thinking", "planning", "strategizing", "struggling", even "fighting" in their minds and with their emotions. People�s lives are so busy that even sleeping has become an issue, as it seems difficult to just simply stop.

Science has proved that Stress produces conditions within the physical body that hinder the immune system and other functions of your physical body...

Many have adapted to stress, and dewll in it without even noticing it. Men and women nowadays say they are relaxing while reading/answering emails, keeping active communication through their PDAs/Blackberries during their rest times, keeping music and noise on and living a highly socially obliged life. Yet, their physical, emotional and mental health, as well as their life is generally becoming more and more erratic and chaotic, and have started a degeneration process. This process can and should be stop before it takes a toll in your health!

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