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Featured Article: Diamonds in the Process
Sometimes, we may not understand some situations in life... Sometimes we may feel hurt or affected...

At all times we are being watched and supported by greater energies... When issues arise and our personalities don't seem to be able to understand, we should remember: Virtues. A great person is one that, no matter what the test, will stand strong in integrity and virtues. A situation fulfills its destiny when everyone involved can learn from it. When everyone involved can take advantage of it. Then we grow together. Then we support each other. One day, one person may appear to be weak: that is the day we are to support that person with love and compassion and with simple acts, like a smile, a hug, a supporting hand, or advice-- that will encourage this person to grow, to learn, to be uplifted to what he or she really is. We should do this, for one day, it may be us being tested, and we will need the same encouragement... the same smile, some eyes that appeared bright and shinny: just ready to support us! There are not real mistakes but the lack of learning. There is not wrong or right, but the lack of light and love in a situation. Where do we stand? When a person seems weak, how can we help this person grow taller, such as to reach the STARS?

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