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1. What is energy - prana?
�Prana� is a Sanskrit word that means �life-force�. It is an invisible vital energy that keeps the body alive and helps promote wellbeing. Prana can be used and projected in order to clean, energize, balance and harmonized the different energy functions of the human being; either physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

It is commonly known as �Chi� by the Chinese, �Chi� by the Japanese, Ruah or the Breath of Life in the Old Testament, Mana, and as bioplasma to science. We could find prana everywhere for we are surrounded by it, in the air, the soil, the sun, trees and, of course, even in people!
2. What is the Human Aura � Energy Body?
Scientific evidence provides tangible proof of the existence of the energy body and its relation to the health and well-being of the physical body. This has been termed as the "bioplasmic body" from the word "bio" meaning life, and "plasma", the forth state of matter after solids, liquids and gases. Scientific experiments conducted by the eminent Russian scientist, Semyon Kirlian, using ultra sensitive photographic process showed a colorful, radiant energy field surrounding the physical bodies of humans, animals and plants. This energy field, or aura, interpenetrates the visible physical body, extending about 4 to 5 inches from the skin's surface. Experiments in Kirlian photography have also revealed that diseased energies appear first in the energy body before manifesting as a physical ailment.

To have an idea on how the aura would look we suggest you think of it as the different layers of planet earth's atmosphere. The human eye is unable to see it, yet it is there and it affects the conditions on Earth!
3. What is a Chakra?
�Chakra� is a Sanskrit term use to describe the Human Energy Centers. Chakra means �vortex of energy� and it refers to the form and behavior of the energy centers. The energy centers are in charge of absorbing, digesting, processing and directing energy to the physical organs and to support their different function. The chakras or energy centers should be functioning harmoniously and should also be somewhat balance in size and in amount of energy, lack of this balance and harmony results in physical, emotional or mental conditions. Most of the time emotions, stress and negative patterns affect the healthy state of an energy center.

There are at least 11 major chakras, and a great number of minor and mini chakras. From our studies we have concluded that both, women and men, have the same set of energy centers. The energy centers move both way inhale fresh, new energy, and exhaling dirty used up energy.

If a person lack of an organ, the correspondent energy center still exists and should be kept healthy.
4. What is Pranic Healing®?
PRANIC HEALING® is a comprehensive system of natural healing techniques that utilizes "prana" to treat various illnesses. "Prana" is a Sanskrit word for "life-force". The procedures are simple and easy to learn. However, behind the simplicity is a sophisticated technology that is without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, among all publicly known and disseminated alternative healing arts. This is an experiential workshop. During class time, all the principles will be explained thoroughly and the techniques practiced exhaustively so you will be confident in your ability to produce positive results when you finish the course.
5. What is energy healing good for?
Energy healing, in this case Pranic Healing� could be used to energetically address any physical, emotional or mental condition. From a headache to cancer, from a cut to a wrinkle, from a phobia to stress management, there is always an energy pattern underlying all these situations. Your energy could be affected in order to promote a better functioning of your physical body, your emotions and thoughts, therefore promoting health and wellbeing.

Energy could be used also to positively affect your projects, your business, your relationships, and to affect your surroundings and your living space. It could also be used to create energy shields that will protect you from harmful energies and contamination, as well as psychic contamination and attacks.
6. Do I still require medical consultation?
Pranic Healing® is DEFINETALY NOT INTENDED to replace orthodox medicine, instead it looks for complementing it. We believe in a more holistic approach. While the medical doctor is promoting health at the physical level, the energy practitioner is promoting it at the energy level. We strongly suggest your consult your doctor.
7. Is the diagnosis involved in the process?
The Pranic Healing® practitioner does not diagnose or treat any physical or psychological ailments, prescribe any substance, make any health claims or guarantee any outcome.
8. Do I need a healing session even when I'm not having a specific condition?
Frequent Pranic Healing® sessions are recommended as a way of preventive healing. If your aura and energy centers are balanced and functioning harmoniously, then you'll have less chance to feel bad or become sick. In the same line of thought, we live in a stressful and fast world, most of the time a Pranic Healing� session helps on managing stress, relaxation and promotes inner peace. Energy Healing will make you feel empowered, clear, fresher and will help you get rid of negative thoughts and emotions that may be obstructing you from achieving success in all areas of your life.

Also, if it is the case that you are having a physical, emotional or mental condition going on, we highly recommend you to support your healing process with Pranic Healing� sessions since it'll accelerate your body's natural healing ability and it'll boost your body's healing rate. There are a major number of cases that have been successfully applied in cases like migraine, asthma, lupus, cancer, blood disorders, infections, and many more, allowing these people to boost their recovery while they get proper medical care.
9. Is a Pranic Healing� Session like a body work session?
Pranic Healing® is not considered a body work session because the practitioner does not need to touch the person. The reason for this is that the techniques are applied on the energy body, also known as aura; this energy body is like a mold and blueprint of the person's physical, emotional, and mental bodies and their functions. By affecting the aura, and because it is also interconnected with all physical, emotional and mental bodies of the human being, these are also affected.
10. Is there pain or a healing crisis involve with a Pranic Healing® session?
Pranic Healing® is painless free. There's not need to experience pain from the technique itself. Clients report feeling relaxed, cleansed and ready to start or continue their journey towards healing after a Pranic Healing® session. Because of the great studies and experimentations of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui �modern founder of Pranic Healing®- different protocols have been created for a major amount of physical ailments, the techniques have been studied and experimented and what didn't work was not included in the Pranic Healing� modalities. Because of this, and because of one of the most important techniques � CLEANSING of energy, the healing crisis has been greatly avoided.
11. What should I expect from a session?
The practitioner could perform a Pranic Healing® Session standing in front of you, seating close to you, sometimes with the use of a quartz crystal. You should just be comfortable and remain in a receptive mode.
12. Do I have to be present?
Due to the fact that the practitioner approaches the energy body of the person, and based on certain universal laws of energy � like �Energy follow thoughts�, Energy Healing could be performed at a distance. Either for a mentoring session or for a Pranic Healing® session what is needed is to schedule the session and be receptive. In the case of mentoring sessions, phone conversation may be needed in order to allow a better communication of issues and insights between mentor and mentoree.
13. Is energy work religious?
Alejandra is very respectful of all religions and she is very universal in her approach. The insights offered by her may be based more in universal principles than religious beliefs; they are based more on virtues and qualities than in religious doctrines.

Pranic Healing® as an energy work was also developed in a way that could be used by people from all walks of life without making any difference.
14. What is the difference of a Certified Senior Pranic Healer from a Pranic Healer?
A certified Pranic Healer not only has taken the classes, but has also been practicing for a long time. The certified pranic healer is registered in the International Pranic Healing� Association and has shown effectiveness in the application of the energy tools and success in his or her cases.

The following is a description of the different levels of certification:
Associate Pranic Healer � Proficient in elementary and intermediate Pranic Healing®. In the process of becoming proficient in distant healing, advanced Pranic Healing® and pranic psychotherapy. An associate pranic healer is just like a medical intern or an apprentice.

Certified Pranic Healer � Proficient in advanced Pranic Healing®, pranic psychotherapy, and pranic crystal healing.

Certified Senior Pranic Healer � Very experienced and proficient in advanced Pranic Healing®, pranic psychotherapy and pranic crystal healing, at the moment relatively rare.

For more information on the Certification Process of Pranic Healers please go to: www.certifiedpranichealers.com
15. If I don't feel anything, am I still receiving the energy?
Some people are more sensitive than others and will immediately feel the difference between before an after the healing session or will also feel the energy flow as the energy is being projected. However, most of the people are unable to feel this energy; nevertheless the energy healing process is still happening.
16. Why shouldn't I shower after an energy healing session or a meditation? What is the Lag-Time principle?
The principle of lag time implies that just as it takes a while for the body to digest the food we eat, it also takes a while for the energy to be digested by the energy centers. In the other hand, water has the ability to absorb energy, this is why you are suggested not to take a shower for the following 12-24 hours after an energy healing session or meditation, and if you would the energy would be washed away from you.
17. Can I learn Pranic Healing®?
Yes! There are lectures, seminars and workshops design to train people in the art and science of energy healing.

The Pranic Healing® system is structure in a way that makes it very easy to learn. The practical and experiential workshop gives you the skill you need to feel, project, clean, energize and balance the prana and the energy body. You could learn the step by step methods of accelerating the innate healing rate of the physical, emotional and mental body. The classes are structure to be understood by people from all walks of life, you are not required to have any energy or healing ability previous to the class. Everyone has an energy body therefore everyone has the ability to learn these techniques and practice them successfully.

Seminars and workshops are available throughout the United Stated of America and most of the countries. A certificate of completion is awarded upon graduation of each course level.

The Pranic Healersm Certification Program is available after completion of required courses and case reports.

You can also read the suggested books in order to get acquainted with the techniques.
18. Are Pranic Healing® practitioners licensed?
Pranic Healing® practitioners are not licensed physicians or surgeons and Pranic Healing� are not licensed by the state but are complimentary to healing arts services licensed by the state.

Within the International Pranic Healing� School there is a process of certification. Pranic Healers could be certified in different levels. Please refer to question #14.
19. Can I heal myself?
Yes, self healing is an easy to learn technique and it's a valuable one. It will always be very helpful in keeping yourself healthy, young, efficient, happy, and prosperous. We recommend you the book "Your hands can heal you" by Dr. Eric Robbins and Master Stephen Co - Available soon in this websites

20. What is a Mentor?
One that can transmit to another person that which she has learned well as a mentoree and she's able to do so in a compassionate way. Because of her experience in a given area, she can train, counsel and/or advise another person. A Coach is not a mentor bu can act as one. She is that person that will help you to: determine and achieve personal goals, strategize and outline the steps to take in order to achieve such goals. Among the areas that a Personal Coach can help you with are: leadership training, Increase of Success, Maintenance of Health, Performance, Stress Relief, Time Management, Relationship Management, Mental Control, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual & Personal Development. A Coach/Mentor functions as a sounding board, a motivator as well as an accountability partner, she will listen to you a offer you not only an honest suggestion, but will also present you with possible paths and courses of action... just as card on the table for you to play with. She will monitor your development and help you when necessary to modify the plan as necessary. .Ultimately, a coach understand it is your life, your goals and it is YOU who will set the motions. Coaching and Mentoring are not therapies targeted at psychological illness. They are not therapists nor consultant.
21. How does mentoring work?
Usually a session involves a time for the client to develop on ideas or concerns as well as on possible desired outcomes. Through inquiry, reflection, and discussion, a coach gathers information and uses her expertise, sensitivity, techniques and tools to help you ponder on different approaches and different courses of action. She will listen, suggest ideas, give you honest advice if necessary, keep you in track, keep you accountable. You will decide on what your goals are, what is the course of action and what you are your objectives. Coaching produces better results when a series of sessions take place, however this is not necessary and you may find highly successful results in only one session.
22. Does Mentoring involve Energy Healing?
No Regularly. In the case of Alejandra Armas, she offers a very powerful synergy of Coaching & Healing. In this system each technique support the other one. In this way if a client is looking into achieving a goal (i.e.: better performance at work) Alejandra will not only use the coaching techniques and methods necessary to help you achieve such goal, but she could also perform energy healing (Pranic Healing sm) in order to eliminate the energy hindrances and inner resistances that keep you from achieving it. This powerful and highly effective method allows you to achieve your goals faster and much easier, allowing you to also deal efficiently with the emotions that are involved in he process. Keeping you focus and clear in your mind, emotions, and effort.

23. What is Meditation?
Meditation implies reflection. It is a mental activity in which attention, awareness and contemplation are involved. It is often set in a quiet environment and the aim could be different depending of the kind of meditation. Basically meditation means to direct your thoughts toward something specific. This could be to silence the mind, to develop prolonged concentration and awareness. To direct your thoughts toward an specific goal such as inner peace, inner silence, character building, global peace, etc. It usually quiets the mind and has been prove to be highly restorative and healing. Meditation is also based on the following principles: "Energy follow thoughts", "That which you think of, gets' magnified" , and "You become what you think of". These provide room for reflection and the effect of our thoughts in our lives.
24. How can I learn to meditate?
There are hundreds of techniques and meditation guidelines currently available. A simple way to meditate is to seat in a comfortable way and a quiet and clean space. Close your eyes, and be aware of the stillness within you. When your mind drifts, just go back to your original goal. Another one implies thinking or imagining a candle's flame. Or you can chose a virtue or something positive to think of and ponder on that. Again, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to meditate. If you think about it, you are already an expert in meditation as you are always thinking and connecting your emotions to your thoughts. All you need to do is consciously create the space for it and use the tool to concentrate on something positive.

Your Coach/Healer can also help you and guide you, suggesting several meditation techniques that have been proven successful in increasing inner peace, inner peace, health, well being--as well as meditations that are aimed to develop your spiritual side.

25. What is Feng-Shui?
An ancient Chinese system of re-arrangement of your environment that utilizes some eastern universal principles and laws, and aim to attract more abundance in the different areas of your life. It is a powerful method to encourage well being, health, healthier relationships, healthier environment, prosperity, creativity and mostly: proper flow of energy and an enhanced life and career.
26. Does the surrounding energy, and other's people energy, affect me?
Yes. We live in an ocean of energy and energy is permeable. Especially when you feel depleted or weak you are more prompted to be influenced by your surroundings. You might have noticed meeting with someone that was angry and leaving the meeting feeling angry as well and with no specific reason. The feeling could also be sadness or just a sense of tiredness after entering to a place or meeting with someone. It's important to keep your energy healthy and your environment clean and de-cluttered in order to maintain and promote a healthier and more abundant life.

27. Does my behavior affect my energy?
YES. We are what we think of, what we feel and how we act completely affects us. Both your behavior affects you energy, and your energy affects your behavior. If you live continuously stressed out and are always trying to squeeze more meetings in your day, your energy will also get stress out and weakened as a result of that. Managing and controlling our thoughts, emotions and actions ensures a more successful, healthier and peaceful life.
28. What is Character Building?
Character Building is a Personal Development System created and presented by GMCKS as a discipline to not only become better human beings, but more powerful, healthier, happier beings as a result. It is a powerful and demanding discipline but it will assure you as powerful results if you commit to it. Just as an athlete works out his muscles and keep a demanding discipline that will keep him in shape, like wise your character can be worked out and groomed delivering you into a Person of great inner power and inner strength. Character Building is based on at least 5 basic Major Virtues and Values--from these you can branch out and go deeper into each virtue set (active and passive).

29. Could my business improve and my projects succeed?
Most definitely. A great number of successful business and executives have experienced at least one of the two (healing/coaching) and have used these to attain such success. Using Coaching and/or Healing is like finally climbing an escalator that is going up. As a matter of fact, Coaching/Healing are necessary tools in making your business prosperous and manifesting your projects.

30. Could my relationships improve with the use of mentoring and energy tools?
Again, YES! Through these approaches you will not only be more at peace, allowing you to think and feel clearer, but you will also be able to understand the other's point of views, communicate your thoughts, ideas and emotions more efficiently and heal your relationships.

31. How can Coaching/Healing affect my performance as a professional athlete?
With Coaching you will set goals for your career as well as use specific tools and discussion that will keep you focus in your discipline and that will promote a Clear and Strong Mind, Enhance your Focus, Tuned your discipline and dedication, teach you how to use your thoughts in order to produce better results, channel your energies, including emotional energies and use them to your benefit, keep yourself centered, develop inner strength, improve your breathing patterns and use your breathing to your benefit, eliminate stress, and tap into your inner power, among others. If you feel better you WILL most definitely perform better. It will increase and enhanced and keep your energy field clean, as well as the energy centers or chakras that are in charge of physical performance, strength, resistance, aerobic and anaerobic functions, etc.
32. Is Mental clarity and focus important - what about a clean strong energy field?
Without mental clarity and right focus your energy will be weakening, your attention drifting, your ability to control and manage stressful situations and challenges (especially those that take place in action, in a game or a tournament). If your energy field is dirty you will have less energy, less power and perform poorly. A strong, healthy and clean energy field is a requirement for success in sport performance.


33. What is Emotional Intelligence?
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is you capacity to determine, assess and manage your emotions in a more control manner. EI allows you to monitor your emotions and gives you the discrimination necessary in order to use more of the higher emotions, avoiding and controlling more of the negatives--and as result being able to affect your thoughts and actions in a different and more progressive as well as less destructive way. It also implies the evolvement from emotional will, in which you act depending on your emotions, to a Higher Will, in which, regardless of your emotions, you take actions and/or make decisions based in higher/broader concepts, higher mental and creative abilities and higher values. This ensures higher ethics a moral values, as well as more powerful outcomes and faster success, due to the proper use of energies, emotions and thoughts.
34. Can Emotional Intelligence be developed?
It can thought discipline, guidance and self-control. And it is a MUST if you want to succeed in different areas of your life. There are Energy Centers related to our Emotions and Thoughts, and these could be managed in a ways to properly an effectively enhanced your EI.

35. How can Coaching/Healing affect my performance as a leader?
It will provide with necessary tools to improve in those area that are key in Leadership. It will enhanced your decision making process, making it sharper and faster. It will keep your mind focused and clear, as well as creative and strong. It will help you improve your communications and your relationships, it will give you the necessary tools to become a team player and to motivate your team to perform better, it will keep you balanced, center and allow you to control and manage stress, it will increase and enhanced your energy field and the energy centers that are in charge of leadership, among others.

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