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Companies, projects or people don't just have good luck. In reality there are a series of aspects taking place in such case: clear vision and mission, clarity of thoughts and emotions of the team, focus, determination and constant work towards the mission. In an inner level universal laws are also taking place: the law of creation, the power of thoughts used to manifest certain outcomes; the law of attraction; the law of cause and effect; the law of changes among others. These laws could be consciously and willingly applied to generate success.

What separates successful leaders from the rest is one-pointedness in their goal, clear thoughts and emotions, constant action and unstoppable attitude. They believe �it� can happen, and most of all: they make it happen!

You can adjust your leadership style to a new approach of leadership using energy and universal principles to adapt to different scenarios and situations as well as to deal with different people.

You can use your coaching session and the energy tools offered to you to gain one-pointedness; sharp mind; better and more accurate decision making ability; handle stressful situations and turn them to your favor; manage stress & tension; confidence; clarity of goals and dynamism to handle business situations.

Other Benefits you'll find:
  • Develop stronger relationships
  • Enhance efficiency and increase productivity
  • Increase business success and profits using esoteric laws
  • Create a productive, efficient and harmonious business/work environment
  • Improve professional ad personal relationships
  • Management using the Seven Rays (human archetypes and tendencies)
  • Understanding and use of cycles in a year to increment efficiency and success
While the core approach is based on ancient spiritual and esoteric principles, it provides you with a concise, innovative and effective approach to corporate management.

In his book "Dynamic of Success," Torkom Saraydarian said "People are spiritual when they work for their financial and physical affairs and put them in order and, at the same time, try to advanced their minds and spirit and build a better relationship with the higher forces of Nature [...] People who are balanced between matter and spirit can be useful for mankind and are considered successful."

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