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Energy for the Space
Basic Tips

  • Eliminate clutter
  • Keep space organize and in order
  • Bring natural light and air into your room
  • Let the air circulate and move things around to get rid of stagnated energy.
  • Keep your space clean, clean the energy of your surroundings using sandalwood incense, candles, and others.
  • Get rid of what you don�t use, and anything broken � especially dry flowers, broken mirrors and non working clocks.
  • Round the corner of the walls in your working space
  • Add plants, live flowers and uplifting artwork
  • Keep your bathrooms clean, organize and neat. Keep the bathroom door and the toilet lid close at all times.
  • Display pictures or artwork of what you want to achieve, or how you want your life to leave. Create your own Manifestation board
  • Remember Earth is your house. You spend 24/7 hours in it. Help saving the Earth.

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