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Energy Therapy
The Energy Centers (Chakras)

"Chakra" is a Sanskrit term use to describe the Human Energy Centers. Chakra means "vortex of energy" and it refers to the form and behavior of the energy centers. The energy centers are in charge of absorbing, digesting, processing and directing energy to the physical organs and to support their different function. The chakras or energy centers should be functioning harmoniously and should also be somewhat balance in size and in amount of energy, lack of this balance and harmony results in physical, emotional or mental conditions. Most of the time emotions, stress and negative patterns affect the healthy state of an energy center.

Energy Therapy
What is Pranic Healing?
The Human Energy Body (Aura)
The Energy Centers (Chakras)
2 Healing Principles
Understanding & Your Thoughts
There are at least 11 major chakras, and a great number of minor and mini chakras. From our studies we have concluded that both, women and men, have the same set of energy centers. The energy centers move both way inhale fresh, new energy, and exhaling dirty used up energy. The degree of our personal power, the quality of our physical , psycho-emotional and, mental health , our spiritual development , our success in the material world and in the field of relationships depends on the quality, size, strength, health, brightness and cleanliness of our chakras.

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