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It has been scientifically proven: The brain rewires itself! It has the ability to reorganize itself and take new shape, and it can do so through not only exterior input but also through inner stimulation: "the brain can change not only as a result of how we act but also as a result of the thoughts we think." ("How the Brain Rewires itself" published in Times Magazine)

VISUALIZATION is a conscious form of mental strategy that uses imagination to creates mental images with the intention to affect a given reality. A willful and often self-guided imagining process, creating specific thoughts with the goal of producing a desired outcome whether interior, such as health, inner peace, relaxation; or exterior, such as making positive changes in life or achieving a certain goal. It is both, a way to talk to your body leading it to act in a certain way, and a way for creative manifestation through the power of your thoughts in which you become the architect of your own life.

Also known as "Creative Thinking", "Creative Imagery", and the foundation for "Positive Thinking", Visualizing is a form of Meditation as well Mental Rehearsal and Mental Practice in which you run though and go over and over your goal as if you have achieved it, imagining and practicing how you would act, think, and feel WHEN it happens.

Visualization is the antidote for negative thinking. Often times one has an internal mechanism aimed to sabotage our own success-usually called "the gremlin", that little voice that talks you down and tells you that you will surely fail. Visualization counteracts this negative voice.

Visualization is highly recommended any time you want to achieve a goal, make an internal change such as better health, character building and personal transformation, improve your relationships, affect your surrounding. It's widely and successfully used to improve individual and group performance/effectivity in Business by Executives, Sport by athletes, in Medicine by surgeons, to treat cancer, for rehabilitation, and weight control, and for stress management, to increase self-esteem and much more.

Energy follow thoughts. Whatever you think of repeatedly, gets magnified. Whatever you think of repeatedly s to manifest: Everything that exist, existed first as a thought in someone's mind! These are Universal Energy Laws.

The power of your thoughts is an innate ability that it is directly connected to the power of manifestation. Become aware of your thoughts and realize: what are your constantly thinking of? Make sure you are always creating a positive YOU.

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