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Tips & Tools




Tips & Tools
For a Healthier, More Successful, and More Fulfilling Life

Your Life, Health and Wellbeing

- Exercise daily
- Breathing Exercises daily
- Take SALT Bath/Salt Showers frequently
- Practice daily Meditation & Creative Visualizations
- Eat healthy. Fresh food / Avoid eating Pork and Eel, it is considered very low and gross energy.
- Practice staying in the present
- Increase awareness of thoughts, words and actions
- Practice affirmations
- Welcome positive energies in your life
- Practice "YES"!
- Smile!
- Improve your livelihood; check on your life style.
- Feed your Inner Self as much as you feed your body! Have a date with your Soul often!
- Tithe & Serve in order to generate good karma to support you in difficult times.
- Do something to protect the environment

Your Environment

Feng-Shui tips for your Home & Office
- Eliminate clutter
- Keep space organize and in order
- Bring natural light and air into your room
- Let the air circulate and move things around to get rid of stagnated energy.
- Keep your space's energy clean, clean the energy of your surroundings using sandalwood incense,
  candles, and others.
- Get rid of what you don't use, and anything broken � especially dry flowers, broken mirrors and non
  working clocks.
- Round the corner of the walls in your working and living space
- Add plants, live flowers and uplifting artwork
- Keep your bathrooms clean, organize and neat. Keep the bathroom door and the toilet lid close at
  all times.
- Display uplifting pictures or artwork. They could also reflect what you want to achieve, or how
  you want your life to be.
- Create your own Manifestation board
- Remember Earth is your house. You spend 24/7 hours in it. Help saving the Earth by making
  positive changes that affect the environment.

Better Relationships

- Forgive and let things go
- Remember that behind the personality, there's a a person trying to his/her best at her own level
  of consciousness: - Practice "Namaste"
- Bless the person from your Heart
- Wish other what you want for yourself
- Find ways to improve your COMMUNICATIONS

Prosperity and Finances

- Success & Wealth starts in the mind! Use your thoughts to generate an anchoring energy for
  prosperity and success.
- Your mind functions as a guiding tool. Only if you believe you can be successful, you will be.
- Remember the energy principles that states "energy follow thoughts," "what you think of,
  gets magnified," "everything that exist, exist first in the energy level."
- The conscious use of your thoughts and your energy is the first step towards manifesting success
  and wealth.
- Tithe, help others. We are successful only in relation to others; therefore we need others to
  become successful.
- By helping others and tithing or donating to good causes you are practicing the principle that says
  "you reap what you saw." You will also find yourself living a more fulfilling live.
- Do what you love doing in order to be really successful.
- Practice YES!

Soul Realization

- Practice Character Building
- Be aware of your actions, thoughts and words
- Practice the golden rule and use for your benefit the law of cause and effect
- Remember who you are and relate less to who you are not.
- Have Purpose in Life...

"Your main Role as a human being is to help others, and if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them"
� Dalai Lama

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