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Usually considered Religious, a Prayer (Western World) or a Mantra (Eastern World) is more than just a sort of poem with words of hope. A call for help or an expression of gratitude, a prayer is an invocation for Divine Blessings from The Supreme Universal God or a being of power.

A prayer is a meditation and an affirmation; when done repeatedly and with proper awareness, it becomes part of a creative process. As a result of constantly thinking of these words, an energy form will be created around you. This energy form has the quality of that which you are praying for and by the Law of Attraction, if done with right awareness, right intention, and proper emotions, a prayer becomes then an act of manifestation of that which has been prayed for. Remember that the attitude and emotion involved in the praying process will have a lot to do in how this desired outcome is manifested, and if it is.

You can always do a prayer of your own using your own words. What's important is where you have your heart and intention set. Also, there are prayers or mantras that affect different energy centers-usually activating them. I've found that the ones offered here a great to open the heart, activate the heart and crown (for spirituality), call for service and good will, call for protection, activate the chakras related to prosperity, success and abundance, among others.

Please note that these could be repeated regardless of Religious background.

This is my prayer:

May you be blessed with Happiness, Health, Protection, Prosperity, Love, and Peace!

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